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GEtting Started with FuelTrax

FuelTrax Installations are Meticulously Managed by NCS Authorized Project Managers and Installers

Nautical Control Solutions (NCS) is committed to the success of your marine fuel management initiatives. From features and options selection assistance, and custom reports development, to overall management of a FuelTrax® installation across your fleet, NCS and its dealer network manage the process from beginning to end. From hundreds of installations around the globe, NCS has developed the following proven process:

System Configuration & Selection – A FuelTrax system is configured specifically to address the problems and concerns you wish to address with your marine fuel management initiative. Once the appropriate product options are chosen, the system is sized and configured for that particular vessel or vessel class. This unique combination of product options and vessel class define the final system configuration and system price.

Vessel Survey – Vessel surveys are important for physically identifying key component placement, meter and sensor placement, defining cable and parts requirements, and documenting other aspects of the vessel fuel system. The results of the survey are used to finalize materials pricing and the vessel installation schedule by which a formal quotation can be rendered.

Technical Documentation – The FuelTrax Technical Document is prepared and delivered at the completion of the vessel survey and outlines the details of the system configuration and installation for your vessel or vessel class. It contains a detailed bill of materials being supplied, wiring diagrams, and installation recommendations and requirements. This document is comprehensive, typically 40 – 50 pages long, and is used by the vessel chief engineer post-installation for product reference and support.

System Manufacture & Test – All components and options are assembled, programmed, and tested as a complete system at NCS manufacturing facilities.  Once the system passes an extensive set of hardware and software testing, it is packaged and crated for delivery to the vessel or shipyard.

Installation & Commissioning – NCS or one of its dealers sends an authorized field technician to the vessel to oversee the installation process. Final commissioning and end-to-end testing for all components are performed to check system health and data accuracy. Once sea trials are successfully completed, the 12-month hardware warranty period begins.

Getting Started Fuel Trax


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Training – NCS systems and reports are automated, documented, and easy to use. Like any tool, however, being properly trained in FuelTrax and FuelNet™ will increase their overall value and encourage their use. System training is provided for captains and crew during the commissioning stage onboard the vessel and at your desktop via web hosted meetings for FuelNet users shore side.

Extended Support – Each FuelTrax system comes with a Master Service Agreement (MSA) at no added charge for the first year. The MSA provides a comprehensive services and reporting umbrella for customers licensing FuelTrax and wanting to protect their investment over the long term. The MSA keeps the software up-to-date and helps monitor the health and performance of the FuelTrax components over the life of the installation.

Contact NCS to learn how to get started planning and implementing your standalone FuelTrax product or a complete Marine Fuel Management system.