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BunkerTrax by FuelTrax

Fuel Transfer Verification & Reporting
Bunker Quality and Quantity

BunkerTrax can be installed as a standalone system to monitor and measure fuel transfers or integrated with the FuelTrax® marine fuel consumption system and TankTrax™ to create a complete fuel management system.

As a standalone system, BunkerTrax measures, monitors, and reports on the quality and quantity of fuel transfers to and from a vessel or other asset. It uses the same Coriolis technology as FuelTrax, so it is able to handle any type of marine fuel.

With Coriolis flow meters, BunkerTrax automatically measures the mass, temperature, and density of fuel being transferred, dynamically calculates volumetric flow as the fuel is being delivered and determines if the density is to spec. If the fuel quality is out of spec. (density out of range), then vessel personnel are immediately alerted in real-time so they can halt the fuel transfer process and investigate the discrepancy.

Recently added as a product option, BunkerTrax can now detect water in fuel down to 100 ppm or better.  This new product option offers real-time alerts to the crew so if water is detected, the fuel transfer can be halted and investigated.

Fuel neutral, BunkerTrax features include:

When combined with FuelNet™ and TankTrax, BunkerTrax can be used for fuel theft detection and monitoring.

Additionally, customers get improved management transparency via daily automatic upload of bunker data for viewing in FuelNet.

Reports on bunkering and fuel transfers from FuelNet can be used as documented, third party evidence in bunker quality and/or quantity disputes or claims.

What can be done to avoid bunker quality and/or quantity disputes or claims?

BunkerTrax by FuelTrax


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Please contact your FuelTrax representative for additional information about a standalone BunkerTrax system or for adding this feature to your existing FuelTrax installation.