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CargoTrax by FuelTrax

Fluid Cargo Transfer Verification & Reporting
Cargo Quantity & Quality

CargoTrax measures, verifies, and reports the quality and quantity of all types of fluid cargos delivered to and transferred from OSVs, oil tankers, chemical tankers and gas carriers, consistent with the NCS strategy of universality in its products.

Cargo fluids measured and monitored include but are not limited to:

Using the same Coriolis mass flow meter technology as FuelTrax®, CargoTrax automatically measures the mass, temperature, and density of the cargo fluid being transferred and then dynamically calculates volumetric flow as the cargo is being delivered and also determines if the density is to spec. If the fluid is of less quality (e.g. contaminated) than as ordered, vessel personnel are immediately alerted in real-time so they can halt the transfer process.

When integrated with TankTrax™, you get double the verification of fluid cargo transferred and remaining in the cargo tanks as well as inventory for a vessel and for an entire fleet.

CargoTrax by FuelTrax


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How can I be sure that the Fluid Cargo I received is what I expected?

Please contact your NCS representative for additional information about a CargoTrax system or for adding this product option to your FuelTrax installation.