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FuelTrax Marine Fuel Management

Marine Fuel Consumption Monitoring & Reporting

FuelTrax is the leading, patented universal solution for measuring, optimizing, and reporting fuel consumption on all classes of marine vessels, engines and fuels. Born in the commercial marine industry and installed on hundreds of vessels worldwide, FuelTrax is a marine hardened, reliable system configured to fit each vessel and your consumption reporting requirements.

Proven on inland waterway workboats, offshore support vessels, cruise ships, bulk carriers, and other vessel classes, FuelTrax provides:

Beyond fuel consumption, FuelTrax can form the backbone for a marine fuel management (MFM) solution that is expandable to accommodate your specific requirements. When combined with any of the following product options, FuelTrax becomes your complete MFM solution.

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The product options are:

BunkerTrax™ – Bunker & Fuel Transfer Verification & Reporting

TankTrax™  – Tank Levels & Fuel Inventory (ROB)

CargoTrax™  – Cargo Delivery Verification & Reporting

FuelNet™  – Shore-side Data Collection & Reporting

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An investment in FuelTrax is an investment in your future marine fuel management success. You can assemble a solution to fit your needs today and then add-on to the system as your marine fuel management initiative grows and matures, continually leveraging your investment in the FuelTrax technology and the data gathered by FuelNet .

Please contact your FuelTrax representative for assistance in defining the optimum configuration based on the needs of your organization and its reporting requirements.