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Until recently, measuring fuel consumption on a marine vessel consisted of manual tank soundings and written paper logs.  Cumbersome and prone to error, keeping track of fuel consumed on a single vessel over time was challenging, and even more difficult to accomplish with large, global fleets.

Today, highly accurate and reliable measurement and communication technologies make keeping track of fuel consumption, even on a global scale, much easier to manage.  The challenge is to find a complete marine fuel management product family that can scale up or down to meet the specific requirements of the diverse vessels and fleets operating around the globe.

Ideally, a marine fuel management system would provide basic consumption measurement and reporting but also be able to scale up with options for measuring the following related activities:

FuelTrax® & Options – A Complete Marine Fuel Management Product Suite

FuelTrax, with its multiple product options, offers a comprehensive Marine Fuel Management (MFM) system that is scalable from basic consumption monitoring for a single main engine to a complete fuel accountability system managing and reporting on all aspects of fuel usage on a marine vessel.

Beyond fuel consumption, the FuelTrax hardware and software platform is the backbone for a marine fuel management product suite that is expandable to accommodate your specific requirements.

FuelTrax - Engine Room Controls


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The following product options can be purchased as stand-alone systems or combined with FuelTrax to become a complete, turn-key solution.

The product options are:

FuelTrax – Fuel Consumption Monitoring & Reporting
BunkerTrax  — Bunker & Fuel Transfer Verification & Reporting
TankTrax™  — Tank Levels & Fuel Inventory (ROB)
CargoTrax™  — Cargo Delivery Verification & Reporting
FuelNet™  — Shore-Side Data Collection & Reporting

An investment in FuelTrax is an investment in your future marine fuel management success. You can assemble a solution to fit today’s requirements and then add-on to the system as your marine fuel management initiative grows and matures, continually leveraging your investment in the technology and the data gathered.

* FuelNet requires one of the above products to be installed on a marine vessel

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