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TankTrax by FuelTrax

Marine Tank Inventory Management
For Fuel & Fluid Cargo Tanks

TankTrax can be used as a standalone system for measuring and reporting fuel tank inventory levels on a single vessel or an entire fleet.

TankTrax uses individual tank sensors that are temperature and density compensated for true volumetric readings.

The contents of any marine fuel and cargo tank can be measured with the FuelTrax® platform. TankTrax provides:

How can I automatically measure and report vessel and fleet fuel inventories?

If the TankTrax system is fitted with the BunkerTrax™ option, density range alarms can be set so that out-of-specification fuel can be detected before entering tanks.

When combined with FuelTrax, which monitors fuel consumption, and BunkerTrax, which monitors bunker purchases and transfers, TankTrax can used for fuel theft detection and monitoring.

TankTrax by FuelTrax


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