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24x7 Secure Online Fleet Data Management & Reporting Portal

FuelNet is FuelTrax’s highly secure, password-protected web portal for shore-side fleet managers. Inside FuelNet, managers can access and analyze all fleet data and view custom reports from any or all of FuelTrax’s suite of standalone and integrated onboard systems, in any combination.





For All

FuelTrax information is transparent. For example, you drill down to view fuel consumption on a single engine, up to include all other onboard fuel consumers of the same vessel, up to a specific vessel-type in the fleet, to a total fleet view. You can compare and contrast performance and relate results to fleet KPIs.

How FuelNet Works

Using proprietary, cost effective, low earth orbit satellite communications (LEO SATCOM) hardware and software, FuelTrax products on the vessel automatically and reliably upload the information they have gathered to your FuelNet account every 15 minutes. No onboard integration headaches or other communications costs are required. No human intervention is involved.

As a cloud-based service, FuelNet requires no capital outlay or other software to be licensed, installed, or locally supported in your facilities.

The fleet management team can use desktop PCs, laptops, or tablets to view multiple custom graphs, charts, and tabular reports. Depending on your FuelTrax system, it will also send you instant alarms for certain system functions and features.



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A Powerful Fleet Management Tool

As a management tool and dashboard, FuelNet enables you to monitor the actual performance of your fleet and compare results to your KPIs.

FuelNet also functions as a vessel data historian over the life of the FuelTrax installation. All historical data is kept online and available for analysis at all times. You can use this data to analyze fleet performance over the years.

For example, over time, FuelTrax provides a clear picture of how each vessel consumes fuel and what activities impact usage, thus creating the foundation for establishing a consumption baseline for a vessel, vessel class, or fleet. Being able to compare the performance of vessel A to B and crew A to B enables management to identify opportunities to increase vessel and fleet efficiencies and reduce overall fuel consumption.

Also, having a baseline allows engineers to test technologies such as fuel additives, propeller configurations, hull coatings, and other products that claim to reduce consumption. Being able to accurately compare before and after results verifies and proves success before you invest in the costs of installing a new technology across your fleet.

Any time a new FuelTrax option is added to your fuel management system, it is seamlessly integrated into your existing FuelNet account.

Improve Fleet Team Management Efficiency

On-line access to vessel performance data creates a faster, more efficient channel of communication between widely disbursed fleet management team members, the home office, and the vessel. This enables simultaneous, on-line collaboration with remote offices, suppliers, and customers.

Additionally, having access to the data in a secured data center facilitates integration with your existing back-office IT systems for accounting, purchasing, and time keeping. This further eliminates manual processing and data entry errors.

Data Security

NCS chose Texas 1 as the best possible data center to house their FuelNet servers and networking equipment. Texas 1 is the flagship data center of Data Foundry.

Powered by two independent substations and connected to over 17 fiber providers, Texas 1 is the most redundant, connected, and secure data center and disaster recovery solution available in Texas.

Located in Austin, TX, Texas 1 resides in a region with low risk for natural disasters and exceptionally reliable power. Austin has a well-earned reputation as one of the most favorable cities for technology companies to maintain operations

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