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Can I confirm precisely when, where and how much cargo was delivered to my vessel?

It is becoming increasingly important to measure and report cargo transfers accurately on and off tanker vessels, platform supply vessels and FPSO’s. From fuel oil deliveries to produced oil, accurate and timely measurement and accounting can reduce slippage and provide for quick reconciliation of products being delivered.

In addition, many other liquid products can be measured such as drilling mud, brine, methane and LNG. If you can pump it we can measure it.

CargoTrax™ Solution

CargoTrax measures and verifies the delivery of the various fluid products typically carried by OSVs and tanker ships. All types of fluids can be accurately measured and reported.

Using highly accurate Coriolis technology, CargoTrax automatically measures the mass, temperature, and density of the cargo fluids being transferred and then dynamically calculates volumetric flow as the fluid is being delivered. It also determines if the quality is up to spec. If fluid is of less quality than as ordered, vessel personnel are immediately alerted in real-time so they can halt the transfer to the cargo tanks.

In summary, CargoTrax provides these benefits:

FuelTrax Cargo Delivery Verification and Reporting


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