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Cross-Fleet Marine Fuel Consumption Monitoring & Management

How can we manage and optimize marine fuel consumption across our fleet of different vessels, engines and fuels?

In order to manage and optimize fuel consumption across a fleet of disparate vessels, engines and fuels consumed, you first need to standardize how you measure.

FuelTrax® Solution

FuelTrax is a universal system, meaning that it is Vessel-Engine-Fuel Neutral which makes standardization much easier.

With FuelTrax, it does not matter if you own a fleet of mixed vessels or if you lease multiple vessels from multiple vessel owners. FuelTrax can monitor and measure fuel consumption on any vessel, engine, and fuel type.

With FuelTrax, transparency means you know how much and what type of fuel is being consumed at any time. When deployed fleet-wide and with FuelNet™ data management access, you can see all burn rates at the fleet level, vessel level, and the individual engine level – no matter the vessel, engine or fuel used – including duel-fuel engines.

FuelTrax is scalable to a comprehensive Fuel Management Solution that monitors and extends transparency to tank inventories (TankTrax™), fuel refills/ transfers (BunkerTrax™), and much more.



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If you charter multiple vessels from different owners, FuelTrax is the solution for your Marine Fuel Management monitoring and reporting needs.  Regardless of vessel size, type or class, FuelTrax is fully self-contained and can be installed on any vessel and from any owner.  With FuelTrax installed on multiple different vessels, FuelNet will report a single, transparent view of fuel consumption across all vessels.  Each vessel owner, in return, will only have views of their vessels while as the charterer, you will have management reports and views of the entire fleet.

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FuelTrax measures and monitors fuel consumption in all makes and types of engines AND other fuel consumers such as generators, boilers, incinerators, etc. in any combination. When you consider there are scores of marine engine manufacturers as well as manufacturers of generators, boilers and other types of equipment on-board consuming fuel, the number of possible combinations is extremely high. FuelTrax can handle them all as well as the fuel types they use. FuelTrax is currently installed on most major brands of marine engines including fast, medium and slow speed engines.

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It does not matter what kind or kinds of commercial marine fuel is being used on board, FuelTrax can measure and monitor the burn rates of them all. FuelTrax can do it even in any fuel combination on the same vessel: diesel, heavy fuel oil and LNG. This is because FuelTrax uses Coriolis meters (aka mass flow meters) that measure the mass of the fuel being consumed. Coriolis meters measure in mass per unit time (e.g. kilograms per second). FuelTrax dynamically calculates the volumetric flow rates by dividing the mass flow rate by the fluid density, providing a more accurate result than measuring consumption using volumetric metering.

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