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How can we get a clear and transparent picture of how our vessels consume fuel so that we can save on fuel costs and increase efficiencies?

Fuel consumption represents a significant cost to the commercial marine industry. Wasteful fuel consumption can significantly impact a company’s profitability; additionally, understanding how much fuel is being consumed and in what manner can help to determine the efficiency of vessel operators.

As fuel consumption constitutes a large bulk of the operating cost for many vessels, comprehensive fuel consumption monitoring is key to determining whether unneeded loss or misuse of fuel is occurring.

Having a clear picture of how a vessel consumes fuel and what activities impact usage is the foundation for establishing a consumption baseline for a vessel, vessel class, or fleet. Being able to compare vessels and crew provides support for identifying inefficiencies and reducing overall fuel consumption.

An accurate baseline is also necessary for evaluating the benefits of various technologies such as fuel additives, propeller configurations, hull coatings, and other products that claim to reduce consumption. Being able to accurately compare before and after results verifies success before you invest in the costs of installing an unknown technology across your fleet.

FuelTrax® provides comprehensive fuel consumption monitoring technologies for vessels. Our patented product FuelTrax is the leading solution for measuring, optimizing, and reporting fuel consumption on all classes of marine vessels. Additionally, the web management portal FuelNet allows operators to access and analyze data captured by FuelTrax anywhere in the world.

FuelTrax® Solution

FuelTrax on the vessel and FuelNet at the desktop provide several reports and views that include:

FuelTrax Consumption Monitoring


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