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FuelTrax Fuel Theft Monitoring and Detection

Can I know if someone is stealing my fuel?

In many parts of the world, fuel theft is a customary practice that has been going on for decades. From shorted bunkers to outright offloading of fuel from a marine vessel, the practice has been growing as higher prices for diesel and other fuel oils increase the incentive to steal.

Manual consumption measurements and tank soundings can be easily manipulated by a motivated crew member.  What is needed is an automated recording system that can measure and report fuel purchases and inventories without the need for crew intervention.

FuelTrax Discretely Reports Fuel Anomalies to Your Desktop

FuelTrax® measures and reports fuel usage to your desktop so you can track consumption on a daily basis and compare to budget.  Adding BunkerTrax as an option provides tracking and reporting for fuel purchased and compares this to fuel consumed, measuring twice.  Finally, with the addition of TankTrax, you have a complete system that keeps track of fuel stored on the vessel and is compared to fuel consumption and purchases, measuring three times.  Some of the features provided are:

When combined with the BunkerTrax and TankTrax options, FuelTrax can provide total accountability of fuel coming on and going off, fuel stored, and fuel consumed on any size or class of vessel. By measuring three ways, FuelTrax provides a complete record of fuel purchased, delivered, consumed, and remaining on board (R.O.B.).

Marine Fuel Theft Detection and Monitoring


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