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FuelTrax Marine Fuel Management (MFM)

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Marine Fuel Management (MFM) is a multi-level approach to measuring, monitoring, and accounting for fuel onboard a marine vessel or a fleet of vessels with the goals of reducing fuel consumption, increasing operational efficiency, and improving fleet management oversight.

MFM has grown in importance due to the rising costs of marine fuel and increased governmental pressures to reduce pollution generated by the world’s fleets.

In order to be effective, a robust MFM program should provide timely and accurate information for the following:

A comprehensive MFM solution allows you to automatically track fuel related activities and associate them with the work performed by your fleet. The right MFM solution will demonstrate how efficient your current operating strategies are and help identify areas that can be improved.

FuelTrax® & Options– A Complete Marine Fuel Management Solution

The value of any management system comes from the accuracy of the data it collects and reports. FuelTrax is a sophisticated system that combines highly accurate sensor technology, global 24/7 communications, and advanced management desktop reporting to meet your requirements for a robust MFM initiative.

Not simply a meter and a display, FuelTrax offers multiple options for gathering and reporting information that can identify inefficient fuel use, poor inventory control, fuel slippage, and bad bunkers – both at the vessel and fleet levels.

MFM Solutions


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By combining any of several problem-focused options, a total solution that fits your specific needs and reporting requirements can be assembled. The result is a world class solution without the costs associated with a custom development effort. And you can do this on a single targeted vessel or across your entire fleet, combining options to fit overall corporate goals for that vessel, fleet, or operating region.

FuelTrax and its combination of product options are unique in providing the following focused solutions:

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