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FuelTrax Marine Vessel Tracking

Can I get global vessel tracking and fuel consumption monitoring combined?

The ability to track your fleet’s movement around the globe is critical. Combining this tracking capability with fuel consumption, bunkering and inventory data enables vessel owners and charterers to link vessel location with fuel activities.

FuelTrax® provides both within a single product

Using its own integrated GPS technology, FuelTrax monitors vessel location, speed and direction and records this information in an encrypted onboard database.  This logistical information is then combined with vessel fuel activities such as consumption, bunkering and inventories and packaged for transmission to an NCS global data center.  At near real-time increments, FuelTrax transmits this information via a LEO (Low Earth Orbit) satellite system to our data centers for immediate availability on your desktop using FuelNet™.  While in Live Mode, FuelNet will continually update your vessels’ locations and activities from anywhere in the world, helping you to stay on top of your global fleet.

Multiple vessel logistical reports are available through the FuelNet web portal that include:

FuelTrax Marine Vessel Tracking


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Contact NCS to learn more about marine vessel tracking and how FuelTrax integrates this information with fuel consumption and fuel events.