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FuelTrax Shore-Side Reporting

How do I collect and report fuel data from vessels scattered around the globe?

Accurately measuring fuel consumption, inventories, and transfers helps establish a good fuel measurement system. Storing, sorting, and reporting that data in a way that supports decision making provides the basis for improved management oversight and the creation of a good Marine Fuel Management program.

Manually gathering sensor and meter data and having it emailed or faxed from the vessel is labor intensive and prone to error. Further manipulation must then take place in the office to incorporate the data into databases and management reports.

Ultimately, any investment in vessel-side technology is muted if the shore-side data collection and information distribution challenges are not easily overcome.

FuelNet does the data gathering and report generation for you.

FuelNet is the data gathering and reporting component for the FuelTrax® suite of products. As a management tool and dashboard, it gives you the ability to monitor the performance of your fleet using a secure internet portal. FuelNet also functions as a vessel data historian, over the life of the FuelTrax installation, so that all historical data is always online and available for analysis.

Using built-in, cost effective, low earth orbit (LEO) satellite communications, FuelTrax on the vessel uploads information to NCS secure data centers where graphical and tabular presentations of vessel information can be viewed via the FuelNet password-protected website. On-line access to vessel performance data creates a faster, more efficient channel of communication between widely disbursed team members, the home office, and the vessel itself allowing simultaneous, on-line collaboration with remote offices, suppliers and customers.

Additionally, having access to the data in a secured data center provides support for integration with back office systems such as accounting, purchasing, and time keeping which further eliminates manual processing and data entry error.


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Below are a few of the many reporting features available with FuelNet:

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