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We have a sustainability strategy initiative for our marine fleet. How can FuelTrax® support us with respect to sustainability initiative?

Driven by innovation and a universal technology strategy, FuelTrax and FuelNet™ options can enhance the environmental, economic, and social dimensions of a sustainability initiative by conserving fuel and reducing emissions for a single vessel or an entire fleet.


With increased governmental stresses to reduce the pollution generated by the world’s fleet, a FuelTrax solution is a unique way to reduce pollution by conserving fuel consumption on each vessel and fleet. The results are measurable and reportable.

As new types of environmentally-friendly marine fuels and more efficient engines become available, the universal nature of FuelTrax makes for a smooth transition.


Minimizing fuel consumption and reducing the risk of emission violations are healthy for the bottom line.

By comparing before and after performances, you can test new eco-friendly engine technologies and marine fuels before making a major fleet-wide commitment, thus reducing financial risk.


Fuel conservation makes more energy available for use elsewhere in society where it may be needed more. Reduced emissions make for cleaner air for the world to breathe.

The fleet management team has the information it needs to make its job easier and more productive, thus increasing the team’s value to the company.

FuelTrax Sustainability


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