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Marine Fuel Tank Level Monitoring & Total Vessel Inventory (R.O B.)

How can I automatically measure and report vessel and fleet fuel inventories?

Manually strapping tanks is a procedure that relies on the consistency of the person doing the measurement, the accuracy of a tank’s strapping tables and the attitude of the vessel. Any inconsistency in these variables will make the reading less accurate.

Add temperature and density variations to the mix and one can see how the errors are compounded.

TankTrax™ Solution

TankTrax accounts for fuel inventories across the fleet, down to the individual fuel tank, by direct automatic measurement. In the time it takes a person to strap one tank and calculate the volume, TankTrax performs this task automatically dozens of times across all tanks on a vessel. From the wheelhouse, the captain and crew can visualize and monitor inventory, refills and transfers between tanks.

Also, if the TankTrax system is fitted with the BunkerTrax™ option, density range alarms can be set so that out-of-specification fuel can be detected before entering the vessel’s fuel tanks.

In addition, TankTrax provides these benefits:

When combined with FuelTrax®, which monitors fuel consumption, and BunkerTrax, which monitors bunker purchases and transfers, TankTrax can be used for fuel theft detection and monitoring.

FuelTrax Tank Levels and R.O.B


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