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FuelTrax Throttle Optimization

Can I reduce fuel consumption without sacrificing too much speed?

With FuelTrax®, the answer is a definite “yes.”

Captains have the most control over fuel consumption by the way they use and manage engine throttles. With FuelTrax, throttle optimization is a standard feature.

Using patented technology, FuelTrax assists the captain in determining the optimal throttle settings for maximum vessel efficiency. By applying fundamental laws of physics to real-time, as-it-happens measurements of consumption and speed, FuelTrax calculates optimal throttle settings for the resultant forces acting against the vessel at that time. Because the relationship between speed and power is exponential for non-planing marine vessel hulls, significant gains in fuel efficiency can be attained for small reductions in speed.

Consistent deployment of FuelTrax throttle optimization routines provides real savings for customers whose vessels make short and long haul voyages. The larger the vessel and the longer the voyage, the better the opportunity for fuel savings.

FuelTrax helps the Captain obtain the optimum throttle setting for each voyage.

Depending on the captain’s choice, FuelTrax will utilize one of three real-time mathematical models onboard the vessel to determine the appropriate throttle settings for the following operational modes:

FuelTrax throttle optimization features are included in any level of system configuration as a standard feature.

FuelTrax Throttle Optimization


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Use BestSpeed™ when schedule is critical.

FuelTrax BestSpeed


BestSpeed throttle setting produces maximum vessel speed at the minimum required fuel consumption rate for the forces acting upon the vessel at that time. BestSpeed takes the slip out of the wheel and seeks the most economical fuel consumption rate needed to maintain vessel top speed.

When conditions change, such as an increasing favorable current, FuelTrax will alert the Captain to re-adjust throttles to capture additional fuel savings.

Use BestEconomy™ when fuel savings is paramount.

FuelTrax BestEconomy Throttle Optimization


BestEconomy throttle setting is the choice when the goal is to maximize fuel savings, and balance fuel consumption and speed, while taking into account the forces acting upon the vessel at that time.

The FuelTrax model will optimize the ratio of fuel consumed per unit distance traveled, while respecting vessel minimum speed requirements for the voyage.

Use BestTrip™ when arrival time is fixed.

FuelTrax BestTrip Throttle Optimization


BestTrip is the minimum throttle setting needed for the vessel to make its destination at a scheduled time. At the onset of the voyage, the captain selects the destination and arrival time and FuelTrax calculates the most economic throttle setting to meet these requirements.

The FuelTrax model seeks the lowest average fuel consumption for the trip and will alert the captain, if necessary, when throttle adjustments are in order to avoid arriving too late or too early.

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