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On September 15th, 2020, FUELTRAX held a global webinar announcing the release of FUELNET GEN-6, the latest advancement for remote vessel tracking and fuel monitoring from FUELTRAX. Attendees virtually joined the webinar and live demo from all over the world, including Lagos, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Baku, Houston, and Río.

The FUELNET web portal was first launched in 2005 as a companion to the onboard FUELTRAX system. FUELNET uses vessel data collected from the onboard FUELTRAX system to deliver decision-ready digital reporting and create models that reduce fleet operating costs. Each of its six iterations has introduced innovations in vessel tracking & fuel monitoring services to help build new low-carbon businesses through collaboration with real maritime users.


Fuel costs represent 50-60% of total vessel operating costs, depending on the type and service¹. To aid companies in reducing carbon emissions to net-zero, the updates to the FUELNET Map page gives users new detection tools to eliminate fuel waste. Along with each vessel’s precise GPS location on a map and its fuel consumption, users can now track exact weather parameters at a one-minute resolution.

This greatly simplifies the process and reduces the time required to determine vessel's exact location, weather, and fuel consumption per engine.

Throughout the entire platform, users will find:

  • new tools that easily compare live and historical vessel performance to weather conditions,
  • all-new dashboards that provide instant access to crucial fleet data & trends at a glance,
  • direct CO2 reporting needed to reach net-zero targets,
  • and significantly improved system performance for all pages.

Ruben De Leon, Director of Product Support, FUELTRAX, says:

“By adding these features, the user will detect fuel waste 50% faster and spend less time searching for anomalies. We’re only beginning to scratch the surface on the changes made in FUELNET GEN-6, and existing users should expect to be contacted about how they can access these new features soon.”

Using human or software-only solutions to aggregate vessel data could leave mission-critical details missing around fuel consumption, which results in continued fuel waste going undetected. The innovations to FUELNET GEN-6 will eliminate that risk and help operators paint the most comprehensive picture of fuel activity out at sea.


FUELNET GEN-6 also introduces Dashboards, a tool designed to handle the data wrangling, graph building, and report creation for users. It gets users straight to the answers important to their business and free’s up time for the crew to focus on the critical tasks to operate the vessel. Dashboards summarize trends for

  • total fuel consumed,
  • total fuel savings,
  • speed, acceleration, and engine use trends,
  • and consumption by location or asset.

Johnalan Brill, Director of Data Analytics, FUELTRAX, says:

“Our goal with these Dashboards is to make it simple for companies to make the digital energy transition. This is a quick and easy tool that compares similar vessels in your fleet to identify savings. It’s like having an energy analyst at your fingertips – it  significantly reduces the time and effort needed to understand the big picture.”

Those interested in exposing fuel waste and pilferage attempts in their fleet can contact us to learn more.

More about FUELTRAX

Since its inception in 2004, FUELTRAX has grown to be the leading universal fuel management solution, compatible with any vessel engine, or fuel, in any location in the world. With its cloud-based data and analytics service, FUELNET provides fully self-contained, smart monitoring and measurement, reducing costs and setting the standard for secure, compliant, optimized vessel performance and fuel accountability.

FUELTRAX is a product of Nautical Control Solutions, LP.


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