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OUR TECHNOLOGY Self-contained. Real-time. Secure.

FUELTRAX is the leading smart solution for marine fuel management, with its associated cloud-based data reporting service, FUELNET.

FUELTRAX technology was originally designed and engineered as a project for Kirby Corporation, the largest inland waterway operator in North America. Compatible with any engine or fuel type, FUELTRAX is now installed on vessels throughout the global marine industry.

Using a closed-loop system of fuel management, FUELTRAX ensures against tampering and corruption by other onboard technology. It takes direct fuel measurements using Endress+Hauser’s Coriolis smart meters, which measure by mass-flow instead of volume, improving both accuracy and reliability. Unlike volumetric meters, Coriolis meters can be maintained and calibrated remotely.

Every 15 minutes, FUELTRAX provides real-time automatic data uploads to FUELNET, its secure proprietary web portal, which are accessible on board and shore-side. Data transmission is password-protected, fully SSL secured and encrypted, and independent of a vessel’s other communications systems, removing risk of human error.

FUELTRAX technology enables vessel operators to monitor direct fuel consumption and transfers on board, reducing vessel operating costs and annual fuel spend by up to 10 percent. The onboard technology supplies predictive analytics to help improve vessels’ operations. Alerts and alarms available from the system also help deter fuel slippage and pilfering.

Not only does FUELTRAX technology facilitate compliance, it enables operators to make fast, evidence-based decisions to optimize fuel economy that impact performance now and into the future.

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