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Real-time fuel data, delivered to you direct, wherever you are in the world


Real-time fuel data, delivered to you direct, wherever you are in the world

FUELNET is a self-contained and secure cloud database, providing automated reporting of accurate vessel and fuel information. FUELNET enables you to track your assets 24/7, supporting your future efficiency and investment decisions. It is also a fleet-wide data historian, tracking past performance.

Easy to use

Delivering easy-to-use, end-to-end, secure communications straight to your desktop, FUELNET works hand-in-hand with the FUELTRAX technology installed on board. With browser access to the web portal, FUELNET provides customized reports and email alerts, enabling you to respond to data quickly, share reports across teams, and manage costs and performance.

3-D data insights

Its three-dimensional reporting of fuel consumption provides insights by usage, by asset, or by operational ‘mode’. FUELTRAX is the first and market-leading company to provide such analysis, based on your fleet’s directly recorded operating parameters.

Reliably secure

Data transmission is GPS stamped, encrypted and fully SSL-secured, bypassing the vessel’s communications system. With FUELNET, you can stay connected and chart a course to improve performance.

Automated reporting

FUELNET takes the risk of human error out of your reporting process. Its reports are automatically generated from the direct, accurate and reliable data tracked by FUELTRAX on board, so you can see the facts of your fuel data in black and white. All the data is historically stored, allowing you to research, analyze and apply ways of working for the most efficient outcomes.

Fully compliant

As well as the many benefits associated with obtaining direct, accurate fuel calculations, installing FUELTRAX as your electronic fuel monitoring system (EFMS) ensures you comply with international regulations. All fuel consumption data points required for the European Union’s MRV emissions validation regulations, and the IMO’s forthcoming data collection system (DCS), are already measured, monitored, and reported by FUELTRAX as standard.

FUELNET captures and reports the data you need to prove you are fully compliant with MRV and DCS – with no need for human intervention.

One more box ticked by FUELTRAX.

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