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FUELTRAX Mobile Remote fuel transfers are automated, precise and secure with FUELTRAX Mobile

Commercially proven for accuracy and efficiency, FUELTRAX Mobile is an integrated mass flowmeter in a self-contained system, designed to monitor and report custody transfers performed anywhere in the world.

FUELTRAX Mobile replicates the benefits of onboard FUELTRAX systems, standing up to the challenges of providing fuel accountability and data transparency in any location. Portable and robust, it is specifically designed to be taken into the field and placed in line with existing fuel systems.

Precise, direct measurement is provided by Coriolis mass flowmeter technology, which brings significant fuel cost savings. The unit offers multiple touch-screen displays to monitor fuel; sight verification of flow, a density alarm and immediate printed receipts. It is capable of continuous operations on battery power for up to 12 hours and recharging is simple, as it is compatible with standard global power sources.

With FUELTRAX Mobile there is no requirement for human data entry. FUELTRAX Mobile is GPS-tracked and all associated financial transactions are digitally recorded in real-time and securely delivered to FUELNET via encrypted Iridium signal.

Additional benefits include:

  • Custody-grade Coriolis mass flowmeter - +-.05 accuracy
  • Automated, digitally records of all custody transfers
  • Each transaction securely delivered to FUELNET via encrypted Iridium signal
  • Printable bunker tickets with signature line direct from unit
  • Additional option for dual meter configuration for redundancy
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