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Integrated Video IP Surveillance

FUELTRAX Vision Tighten security with a 360° view of vessel operations.

With FUELTRAX Vision installed on your vessel, you add another layer of security to the smart monitoring and reporting technology delivered by FUELTRAX.

Strategically placed cameras are on duty 24-7, providing you with insights into your vessel activity from anywhere in the world. All video surveillance collected by FUELTRAX is coupled with your existing fuel monitoring data and tracking information, to provide greater transparency of vessel operations.

Each FUELTRAX Vision system delivers 360° coverage of the vessel perimeter provided by four IP marine environment cameras. Up to 10 weeks of high-quality date/time/location-stamped footage is retained on board, with daily minute-by-minute updates to FUELNET from all four cameras.

You can depend on FUELTRAX Vision, as the system provides power-interruption alerts and a built-in backup power supply, with all components housed in a lockable cabinet with key.

FUELTRAX Vision provides you with video data 24-7, so you’ll have a 360° perspective on vessel security.

Additional benefits include:

  • Daily updates of 1-minute resolution snapshots for detailed playback
  • Full 720p color video accessible by authorized personnel onboard
  • Verify weather, HSE, or other exception claims with a live visual reference

FUELTRAX Vision Product Sheet

FUELTRAX Vision Product Sheet
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