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FUELTRAX Keep your fleet secure, compliant, and competitive.

With the market-leading fuel monitoring system by FUELTRAX on board, you can improve fleet performance and protect your assets.

FUELTRAX EFMS is easy to install, and compatible with any vessel, engine and fuel, so you can rely on real time, accurate data, from anywhere in the world. Smart, self-contained, and secure, it measures fuel directly, and sends you data in real time every 15 minutes. With FUELTRAX, you know exactly what’s going on. Using Coriolis mass flowmeters, FUELTRAX ensures accurate fuel measurements and delivers secure, standardized data in real-time. With accuracy guaranteed and tampering or theft instantly detectable, you can monitor consumption and ensure regulations compliance, leading to reduced fuel costs and optimized performance. Coriolis mass flowmeters collect accurate, direct measurements of fuel consumption and transfers, scrutinizing by density, temperature, and mass.

FUELTRAX enables you to make evidence-based decisions to optimize fuel economy, and to use advanced diagnostics to maximize uptime and reduce asset maintenance costs.

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