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All the tools you need to keep your fleet compliant

With the arrival of IMO 2020, your fleet’s compliance has never been more under the spotlight. Luckily, our team of experts have your back.


Due to heightened environmental concerns, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is enforcing a new 0.5% global sulfur cap on fuel content – a significant drop from the previous 3.5% limit.

This not only means tighter regulations and increased low-sulfur fuel costs for your fleet to navigate – but potentially costly repercussions for any breaches as the IMO look to enforce the new regulation.

FUELTRAX guarantees all fuel reporting is accurate and simple to use

Quick and easy IMO 2020 reporting

It’s not enough to make sure your fleet is running on sub-0.5% sulfur fuels. You need to be able to prove it. Thanks to our intuitive and informative secure web portal, FUELNET, it couldn’t be easier to produce the transparent reporting you need to show complete compliance. All at the touch of a button.

Track your expensive low-sulfur fuel in real-time

From fuel quality and density to temperature and usage – our smart, secure and self-contained fuel tracking solution gives your crew a clear view of how your vessel is performing in real time. Empowering them to take proactive measures to protect your most expensive cargo: increasingly expensive low-sulfur fuel.

How can you keep your fleet compliant?

Industry-leading marine data and compliance experts

We can help you to keep your fleet on track. We are independently Verifavia IMO DCS and EU MRV certified, and the FUELTRAX team knows exactly which insight, tools, and features are crucial for keeping your fleet compliant.

Our smart, secure, and self-contained Electronic Fuel Management System boasts all the reporting and fuel monitoring functionality you need to stay one step ahead of ever-evolving regulations.

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FUELTRAX now officially IMO DCS and EU MRV certified

100% compliant. 99% industry-leading uptime.

We know you need a system you can rely on – that's why we provide a dedicated Iridium satellite connection with pole-to-pole coverage and build a compliance program for your organization with trusted 99% uptime for your data delivery.

Keep reading to discover how you can Make Smarter Decisions™ about the new compliance requirements – from how to better understand the new regulations to how you can start monitoring fuel quality, temperature and density in real-time.

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Download our quick-look IMO guide

Discover more about how FUELTRAX can help you Make Smarter Decisions™ about your IMO 2020 compliance.

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Download our quick-look IMO guide



To discover more about how FUELTRAX can help you Make Smarter Decisions™ about your IMO 2020 compliance – simply book your complimentary demo today.

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