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Optimize uptime and reduce costs with FUELTRAX, the smart, real-time marine fuel management solution.

Set the standard Self-contained smart maritime solutions for unrivaled fleet performance

Data quality by design

Strategically positioned Coriolis metering technology tuned for your vessel

On-board logistics management

Be able to respond with up-to-date data for best fuel efficiency, fuel security and emissions compliance

Actions informed
by live data reporting

Maintain or improve fleet/vessel optimization from advanced analytics

Dedicated Iridium® communications

Self-contained and secure: pole-to-pole coverage,
bi-directional comms and industry leading encryption

Track every vessel’s location

Integral and independent GPS, with geofence function to know where your assets are in real-time

24/7, 365 days a year

Accurate real-time information anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Secure dedicated cloud server

A consistent and secure data experience to gain insights and receive tailored logistics reporting from advanced analytics, anywhere in the world

Reduce fuel costs and gain competitive advantage

These are challenging times for marine operators. You need to keep vessel fuel costs down, maintain your assets and comply with charter requirements.

With FUELTRAX on board, you can monitor and reduce fuel costs across your fleet.

Fuel security

Detailed insight into fuel consumption and efficiency is key to managing marine operations.

FUELTRAX is a smart, self-contained fuel and data management solution. It operates in real-time, standardizing the acquisition, secure transfer, tracking and analysis of accurate vessel and fleet performance data. Simple to install, it operates with any vessel class, fuel type, engine model or geographic location.

FUELTRAX manages fuel use, recording secure, reliable, real‑time data. It improves your asset value, taking the strain out of monitoring and reporting.


Compliance is a fundamental requirement of modern marine operators. FUELTRAX data helps you comply with legal requirements for monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of CO2 emissions. It logs fuel consumption against time, distance and cargo.

FUELTRAX provides evidence to help you make decisions about fuel use, compliance and ways to make efficiencies, so that you can stay on track.

Maximize uptime and protect assets with fast, secure on-board technology

FUELTRAX on-board technology identifies relevant data fast, uses it effectively, and supplies predictive analytics to help keep your vessels competitive.

FUELTRAX lets you know where you stand on fuel management, compliance and protecting asset health. With FUELTRAX on board, you can optimize the performance of your assets.

Secure, straightforward installation

Getting FUELTRAX on board won’t disrupt your fleet operations, because it requires no integration with existing on-board systems. FUELTRAX is simple to install, fully secure and accurate, using a closed-loop on-board data-reporting dashboard and Coriolis mass flow meters. Find out more

Captain performance improvements

FUELTRAX takes the strain out of improving vessel efficiency, and helps the Captain maintain the optimum throttle setting throughout each voyage. It supports evidence-based decisions, helping you to identify best practice and roll out new, improved ways of working.

Diagnostic and preventative maintenance

FUELTRAX diagnostics are standardized across various fuel and machinery types, so you can monitor and assess your entire fleet's performance. It allows you to view, predict and reduce asset maintenance costs while maximizing uptime. FUELTRAX is compatible with any vessel, engine and fuel, making it easy to rely on accurate data collected and available 24/7.

Compliance with charter requirements

With FUELTRAX on board you can raise the standard. Its real-time data is the key to optimizing fleet and vessel performance, enabling you to improve operational efficiency, while increasing transparency and improving fuel security. Its reliable data backs up the decisions you need to take to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Real-time Real-time performance optimization with FUELTRAX

FUELTRAX delivers real-time data, so you can make business improvements – fast.

Live vessel-tracking capability

FUELTRAX tells you in real time how your fleet or vessel is performing, wherever it is in the world. It monitors main engines, generators, boilers and other fuel consumers, as well as all bunkers, transfers, and tank levels as desired.

Fast access data puts you in command

You can make evidence-based decisions to optimize fuel economy that will impact performance now and into the future. And its diagnostics can help you can stay ahead of the game to reduce asset maintenance costs.

Monitoring Fuel monitoring and performance data with FUELNET

FUELNET is a fully secure cloudbased data-center that works hand in hand with FUELTRAX.

With FUELNET as part of the package, you can set a course to improve performance.

It delivers fully self-contained, end-to-end, secure communications directly from the vessel to your desktop. Updating its automatic location and fuel statistics every 15 minutes, FUELNET enables you to respond to data quickly, share findings across teams and manage costs and performance.

FUELNET reduces time spent on report generation and analysis, bringing current and historic data to your fingertips. It can help you focus on improving efficiencies for a single vessel or across an extensive fleet. There are no integration headaches or other communications costs required.

Advanced Analytics Fuel and fleet optimization with advanced analytics

With FUELTRAX installed and linked to FUELNET, you’ll be optimizing asset performance and reducing costs.

FUELTRAX can help you enhance operational standards across your fleet even further, by delving deeper into your data.

We can support advanced data analysis of your processes and functions, reflecting our continuing desire to innovate and deliver improved results to marine operators around the world.

Secure, no-fuss installation

Embarking on a new venture can be challenging. FUELTRAX’s secure installation process is designed to get the best technology on-board with minimum disruption to your ongoing operations.

For over 14 years, we have evolved a robust system of evaluation, configuration, testing and support to make sure your vessel is fit for business fast, with the FUELTRAX fuel management system tailored to do exactly what you need. Training for on-board and on-shore users is provided and technical support is available 24/7.

FUELTRAX uses Coriolis mass flow meters for accuracy and employs a closed-loop on-board data-reporting dashboard for security, which requires no integration with existing on-board systems. Not only does this keep your fuel data fully secure, a closed-loop system is also safe and simple to fit.

Installing new technology is a big step, but with FUELTRAX on-board, your asset will deliver greater results into the future.

United States Patent 7,024,317
Canada Patent 2,588,654
European Union Patent 1,828,728


With hundreds of successful installations to date, our clients are seeing improved performance and costs savings with FUELTRAX on board.

  • 400 system installations globally through 2017
  • 55 units installed in 2017
  • 45,295,543 gallons of marine fuels monitored in 2017
  • 190,794,029 gallons of fuel transfers monitored in 2017
  • 701 on-board fuel consumers monitored in 2017
  • 4,203 total transfers recorded to date
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