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Commercial Marine Fuel Management Systems

Measuring - Monitoring – Transparent Reporting

FuelTrax® is the first and most advanced end-to-end, real-time, marine fuel measuring, monitoring, and reporting system on the market today. It is also the only UNIVERSAL system of its kind, installed on hundreds of vessels worldwide.

Together with its suite of standalone or integrated products, FuelTrax® offers customers the multidimensional efficiencies and information transparency they need to manage the key performance indicators of each vessel in their fleet and for the fleet as a whole:

  • Fuel Efficiency
    • Consumption Monitoring
    • Throttle Optimization
  • Fuel Accountability
    • Fuel Purchased
    • Fuel Transfers
    • Fuel Inventories (ROB)
    • Fuel Theft Alerts
  • Fuel Quality
    • Water in Fuel
    • Aeration
  • Fuel Logistics
    • Fuel Event Locations
    • Vessel Tracking

FuelTrax sends vessel and fleet data via low orbit satellite to FuelNet™, our cloud-based, real-time data management portal. Here, at any time and from anywhere with Internet connectivity, customers can quickly view their entire fleet – domestic, regional and global – with one click to access custom reports on fleet activities and performance metrics.

Multidimensional Cost Efficiencies: Information is available to captains, engineers, and shore-side management personnel so that inefficient and suspect activities are quickly identified and solutions applied.

Proven Reliability: First installed in 2004, FuelTrax has been proven to perform on hundreds of types and sizes of vessels worldwide.

The FuelTrax UNIVERSAL Difference
FuelTrax is Vessel-Engine-Fuel Neutral

FuelTrax provides a standardized, single view of KPI metrics and consolidated roll-up reports via FuelNet across a fleet of disparate vessels, engines, and fuels.

Fleet performance becomes transparent for:

All Vessels – Any size and type, in any combination, from any vessel owner.

All Engines – All makes and types of engines AND other fuel consumers such as generators and boilers, in any combination.

All Fuels – Any marine fuel type such as diesel, heavy fuel oil and LNG, in any combination.

FuelTrax is also scalable up to a comprehensive Fuel Management Solution that monitors tanks (TankTrax™) and fuel refills/transfers (BunkerTrax™) and much more.

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United States Patent 7,024,317
Canada Patent 2,588,654
European Union Patent 1,828,728

FuelTraxYou can't manage what you don't measure.